Electric oil-filled radiators with digital regulator

Electric oil-filled radiators with digital regulator

We offer 2 types of radiator 21K DIGI - 21K DIGI STANDARD and 21K DIGI CENTRAL PROGRAM.


It combines innovations of construction of 21K EK radiators with comfort of digital operating. You can operate in 3 modes: comfort, night and antifrost protection. It is possible to regulate by 0,5 °C witin 5°C by 30°C.

The greatest advantages:


It is uprade of type 21K DIGI STANDARD. The main advantage of this type is that you can adjust heating in 6 zones (quantity of raditors in 1 zone is not limited) and you can set up 5 heating modes: comfort, economic, frost protection, automatic heating, auto-shutdown. You can adjust timing of changing between modes.

Digital radiators product line:

21K 600/700/1200W 230V
21K 600/900/1700W 230V
21K 600/1100/2000W 230V

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