Dear Customer

if your inquiry or order please send us the necessary data and information processing equipment and fast.

If by demand and provide the following orders:

- company name, respectively. name (if natural person)
- contact person and contact back
- full technical drawing of the required work
(preferably in electronic form in the format of STEP or DWG, DXF)
- quality of material
- the required operations
- specification of surface treatment
- specification of the required packages
- number of units
- specification of whether it is a single contract or volume production
- the required date for processing quotations, delivery orders

If there is not an individual agreement, your inquiry, order the EXW price, so no shipping costs.

Your inquiries and orders should be sent to the email address: sales@elka.sk

If you have any questions, please contact us by phone on +421905 344 273 or email at sales@elka.sk


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